Bear Creek Golf Range Executive Summary

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Melecio D. Magallon Marketing Strategy October 12, 2014 BEAR CREEK GOLF RANGE CURRENT SITUATION: Established by Dan Shay and George Patton on May 1, 1993, Bear Creek Golf Range was to be a professional golf range whose goal was to “establish an image as the ‘professional golfing center’, run by professionals.” The company emphasis was on its ability to provide top quality training and service to experienced serious golfers. It also hoped to provide its golfers with first-class amenities that would have established itself as an upscale facility far above average facilities. Unfortunately, Bear Creek experienced a few financial issues early in its development which prevented it from achieving its initial plans. These issues along with a…show more content…
This will produce an initial increase in expenses and drain on revenues but in the long term profitability will increase. 3. Targeting the college golf teams market should increase Bear Creek’s usage rate. a. (Pro) Expansion to college golf teams would make sense because Bear Creek would be able to maintain a serious golfing atmosphere due to the fact that college sports are highly competitive and many teams have athletes who have received full-ride scholarships to play golf. Colleges have both men’s and women’s teams which means this solution also will tap into the women golfers market. Most college students practice during the week which will increase Bear Creek’s customer traffic. All of these facts will increase Bear Creek’s revenues, daily usage and profitability. b. (Pro) Reaching out to the various coaches of the local colleges would give Bear Creek the opportunity to increase the number of lessons it will perform. This solution would utilize Bear Creek’s existing expertise and with success would increase its reputation and visibility which will increase revenue and profitability. c. (Con) Building relationships with the local colleges will take time. Due to this fact this solution may not generate immediate revenue. RECOMMENDED SOLUTION: It is recommended Bear Creek expand its target market to include college golfing. This solution would maintain its

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