Beat The Clock Mark Rowh Analysis

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Mark Rowh, the author of the article “Beat the Clock: Students share time-management strategies that can work for you,” talks about the struggle that students have when it comes to time management. Rowh introduces us to the topic of his article by mentioning a high school senior and her daily life. He goes into detail about how her day passes by, and how she struggles to find time devoted to her well-being. He did a good job when he provided us with an example that we can all relate to. “Life is a balance of both busy moments and time for yourself,” says Rowh (2006, p. 24). I totally agree with him on that statement and I always try to make time for myself after I complete my responsibilities. The author collected five strategies from busy …show more content…

For getting organized, most students inform us that creating a list of important tasks and appointments can make a huge impact on your life in a positive way. For staying on target, students advise us to keep our focus on completing the tasks and not getting sidetracked by unimportant things. I definitely need to follow this strategy and not procrastinate when it comes to my academics. For setting priorities, successful time management includes determining what is truly important and what can be set aside for later or never. I think that this strategy ties to the previous one of staying on target. For the fourth strategy, taking advantage of free time is something that sounds good, but hard to do for me. I always find myself wasting this time in seeking entertainment instead of completing priorities. Students state that in the course of a day, there are usually a few “down times.” Try grabbing some of those moments and making them productive. As for the final strategy, thinking ahead is something that I am focused on along with the other strategies. For this strategy, all students say that to avoid running out of time in completing demanding tasks, be sure to look ahead. This means that the students want us to know that making plans for the next day or the next week is a key component in time management. At the end, this article was straightforward and contained simple steps of success in time management. I liked how simple and organized this article was. I am certainly going to try to implement these strategies in my daily life. I struggle every day with managing my time and this article really helped me out. I look forward to learning more skills and advancing my

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