Successful Time Management Skills Analysis

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Without having successful time management skills flowing correctly in my daily schedule. I find myself stressing to get certain things done. Time Management is very important when it always seem that there is never enough time in the day to complete daily actives such as being a full-time working mother, wife, and student. It seems as if I try to stretch myself to complete more goals with less time. Even though I know, there are 24 hrs n each day those 24 hours never seem like enough to complete my daily activities. To work on a more positive and workable time management plan has become one of my main focuses. I have downloaded the time management form to see if I can expand find some extra time or manage my time more efficiently.Kuafman (2004) asserts that constantly late individuals cannot manage their time and routine appropriately and recommends that proper and appropriate planning is the main asset of a leader. The way that I have been operating, I have missed important deadlines, My work has been somewhat poorly and I have been working with higher stress levels. All this can be avoided by managing my time more correctly and stop trying to be a superwoman and handle so many things at once. I learned in this week's assignment that I need to focus on one thing at a time( Chambers,2015).…show more content…
The Effect of Training on Principals' Time Management Practices: A Focus on Time Management Areas, School's Level, Locality and Complexity. FWU Journal Of Social Sciences [serial online]. Winter2015 2015;9(2):82-94. Available from: Academic Search Complete, Ipswich, MA. Accessed February 2,
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