Beautiful Characters from Khaled Hosseini's Book, The Kite Runner

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Hosseini, Khaled. The Kite Runner. New York: Riverhead, 2003. Print Characters 1. Amir is a son of a businessman in Kabul. He is also intelligent but sensitive. He is a gifted storyteller and became a novelist. He is the one telling a story. Hassan is a beautiful and a good person. Hassan is tougher than Amir when they were younger. 2. Hassan is selfless and joy-filled person. Hassan is a bit more saintly. Amir had a relatively charmed life in Kabul and he changed a lot when he went to America. 3. Amir is really jealous of Hassan. Baba usually complaints about how Amir has lack of being manliness. 4. The defining moment of Amir is when he went to America. Somehow in America allows him blankness, a forgetfulness that would impossible in Afghanistan. The defining moment of Baba is when he went to America where everything has changed. 5. I liked Amir because he became really successful. I personally relate myself to Amir because I came to America and everything changed me. I like Ali because he endured some of the abused. I personally relate someone in the movies and became something in the end. Plot 1. The three main events in this book are:  Hassan is raped by Assef and Amir witnessed what happened but Amir didn’t help Hassan. Assef raped Hassan because he wanted to humiliate Hassan.  When Afghanistan was being overcome by the Soviets. Amir and Baba escaped to go to America. When he graduated high school, he started doing a lot of writing. Amir and Soraya got

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