Beautiful Decision to Donate Organs Essay

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When you are approached by someone who says they just received a transplant, your first thought is “Wow, that's amazing”. What is even more amazing is the fact that the organ came from someone else. A generous person who decided at some point in their life to donate their organs if something happens to them. One single person could save up to 50 lives. In the United States alone, 120,000 men, women, and children are currently waiting for a transplant of some kind (“Organ Donation”, 2013). In order for someone to be considered an organ donor, blood and oxygen must flow through all organs until time of recovery to make sure that they are still usable. Donation can occur between two circumstances: deceased patients can give their heart, …show more content…

The organ has to be the exact size to fit properly in the body in order to function, the blood type must match between donor and patient and the organ must be in transplantable shape. If the donor was a smoker, chances are the heart and lungs may not be used. If the patient had a bout of liver cancer, the liver cannot be transplanted. Also, any patient who has gone through chemo and radiation cannot donate organs due to the chemicals that went through the body. Key times for donation is between December-February and June-August. These days are key because of the wintery months and car accients that may occur and the summer months because of high school/college graduations and vacations. What hinders the organ donation process is peoples skepticism on the topic. They think that financial and celebrity status determines who gets an organ, or if someone is ill in the emergency room the doctor will take longer in curing them so he can get their organs if they die, which both are false. Also, religion plays a huge part in donation. Episcopal see donation as a benefit to both the donor and receiver. Each Christian is actually encouraged to become a donor. Jehovah Witness's say that the decision should be left up to the individuals conscience and believe that if donation is the option, all organs need to be completely drained of the other persons blood. However, the Shinto in Japan

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