Beauty Standards : Women And Women

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In today’s society, the idea of the perfect women becomes increasingly unattainable. Women and girls are being held to beauty standards that virtually no one has, leading to increasing body image issues and self-harm. Females are constantly judged on their appearances and not by what they bring to table in terms of intellect and physical ability. Under these conditions, African American women and other women of color suffer the most. Beauty standards not only tell women that you are only beautiful if you are skinny, it also tells them they are more beautiful the lighter they are and the straighter their hair is. Young girls of color are constantly ridiculed and even punished by school authorities for wearing their hair in its natural state and bleaching creams continue to fly off the shelves in African countries, as well as here in America. Societal expectations of beauty create unrealistic and dangerous situations for all women, but especially for those of color. I am a Nigerian-American, my father born and raised in Nigeria and my mother born in Ghana to Nigeria parents and raised in Nigeria. “Nigeria has the world 's highest percentage of women using skin lightening agents.” I have personally seen aunts and cousins become several shades lighter over the course of several years. For years these women would watch television and flip through magazines and all the images of “beautiful” women were white or very light skin. From a very young age, these women are

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