Beauty : When The Dancer Is The Self

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“Beauty: when the dancer is the self” the story of Alice Walker and a devastating time of her life. The family life of Mrs. Walker and how things are ran in the household tend to play a part of the truth of the “accident”. The real truth behind the accident and how Alice’s life begins to change. The way Alice copes with the accident is not good for her or her family. However, there is more than just the ugliness of her eye that bugs her.
The household of the Walkers consists of Alice Walker the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walker, along with her other eight siblings. The Father is a driver for Miss Mey, a rich white lady that happens to own the house the Walkers live in. At one point Mrs. Mey offered the mother a chance to earn thirty-five cents to do laundry, clean her house, and clean up magnolia leaves, but turned it down. Maybe it was for the lack of time and energy that Mrs. Walker possessed that she would turn down a chance to make money. But, even with the amount of time that she spent caring for her children Two of those eight siblings were able to make a grave mistake, which eventually leads to “the accident”. Alice Walker was most fascinated in going with her father to places. She felt like she was the prettiest and was assured she would be picked over the other children. Alice is somewhat obsessed with her appearance and just thinks she is the cutest thing. This is obvious when she says “ I rise to give my speech I do so on a great wave of love and pride and
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