Because Religion Is A Difficult Concept To Define, It Faces

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Because religion is a difficult concept to define, it faces several criticisms. To this day, it has never been possible to find a definition of religion that pleases the majority of the population. However, researchers in this area have never felt the need to have a definition to carry out their research.
Religion is a somewhat different concept of "economy", "politics" or "history" and the difficulty of defining it comes from the fact that these are not index terms but rather general concepts that have attention turned to complex conjunctions and aspects of social and material relation for certain causes. According to Christian theologians, religion is a modern concept that brings a baggage of suppositions of several centuries that …show more content…

Often, these concepts are implicit in academic work, and are increasingly rarely discussed. The study of religion is an intrinsically multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary belief, so that attention is given to the anthropological, historical and phenomenological approaches where these have contributed in a significant way to the development of the concepts in question.
There are five concepts of religion that must be taken into account.
The first is Religion as culture this concept dominates the recent social scientific work.
Inserted in this theme there are several situations where we can apply this concept, such as:
- Religion as belief and meaning (one of the most popular views of today 's religion, being religious has to do with believing certain things, agreeing with assumptions, and accepting certain doctrines);
- Religion as meaning and cultural order (the notion of culture is broader than "belief" is evident in the sociological and anthropological approaches to religion);
- Religion as values (it gives greater emphasis to the normative dimension of religion);
- Religion as discourse (researchers of religion influenced by Foucault, tend to treat religion as a "discourse" and not as culture and values);
- Religion as ideology and mystification (this approach differs from the rest by seeing religion as a mystic that obscures the contradictions of

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