Becoming A CNA: A Short Story

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Around 1998 I was a stay at home mom with all my children in school. I was bored with how my life was so I decide to try to become a CNA. I figured I could start there and then maybe one day work my way up to LPN and then RN. I took the class and I did well. I was ready to take the state exam and I was excited, then my husband Richard said “We are moving, I got transferred to a new location”. So we moved and I never had the chance to take the state exam. Now years later my husband had a stroke. My new title now was nurse maid to him. I have been taking care of him now for almost 7 years, and have become good at what I do. Now that he is doing better and I do not have to be with him 24/7 anymore I am ready to move on to the next step and try

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