Becoming A Cheerleader: Article Analysis

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Throughout the article various tone changes occur. During the introduction, there is a negative attitude that is apparent. The author is reflecting on Erykah Ward’s, a former gymnast, initial reactions to becoming a cheerleader. Ward’s responses were derogatory and stereotypical; she even stated at the end of the introduction, “I’ll want to kill them all” at the idea of becoming a cheerleader. She uses common stereotypes against cheerleaders such as “jumping around” and “uneducated.” All of the sudden, the article’s tone changes to a positive voice. The author is now praising cheerleading and cheerleaders for what they must endure. A couple sentences of ago the author was attacking cheerleading, but now he is saying, “competitive cheerleading is no joke.” This new admiring tone remains throughout the rest of the article and seems to get more passionate the further in detail he goes. Overall, the article has an informal voice. Campo- Flores is using…show more content…
Campo- Flores had a great example to depict why competitive cheerleading should be considered a sport. Having an unbiased opinion, especially one like Erykah’s, allows the reader to be more open minded to the topic. The author supported his idea by using many examples. For instance, he had Erykah’s story, Luce’s view on male cheerleading, and an inside look at Cheer Athletics competitive team. Having multiple examples makes the author reliable and will allow the reader to trust the opinions discussed. Also, this style of writing allows the audience to be more diverse. Instead of the article being interesting to cheerleaders, it is now appealing to males, people who might want to try cheerleading, and individuals who are uneducated about the sport. A broad audience is important because the author’s message will spread faster. Like the article, the picture taken has an intended audience and
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