Becoming A Mentor Means For Mentoring

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As an educator you are responsible for mentoring each student, so that they can show growth mental, social, and academically. Sharing warmth and compassion will show students that teachers are empathic, trustworthy, and caring. Sitting down with a student face to face, looking them in the eye and giving them your undivided attention allow students to feel comfortable expressing concerns about their personal education goals or life. Becoming a mentor means you must be flexible, be positive, show a high tolerance, and confidence, set expectations high, stay consistent and always be fair to each student. By mentoring, these appropriate adult behaviors students will start to emulate them as they grow. All students have the right to an effective quality education through an individual learning experience. All young people regardless of ethnicity, gender, race, and brain levels must have are given unlimited opportunity to thrive through education via professional and well-informed educators who are knowledgeable and sophisticated, in both life and their careers (Collins & Pratt, 2010). Each learner will demand a variety of learning styles; but by insuring a personal relationship with each student, a teacher can give all students an equal chance to succeed. Accepting each learner ' unique ability and goals, a teacher can accommodate each student’s individual need to encourage academic goals. Teaching as always been perceived as learning as a reciprocal process. When educators

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