Becoming A Third Year Architecture Student Essay

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Introduction: The Problem

Being a third year architecture student who has just completed my Bachelor of Architecture Studies back in 2014, I was hit by the challenging reality upon my first internship experience in the architecture profession. Although I was equipped with the understanding of theories and concepts taught in the university, the work in the professional practice is complex, which inevitably demands various skills.

These experiences had provided me with valuable insights as I had acquired various skills which were not taught in my degree. I was so taken a back that I needed to learn most of the things from scratch. In particular, the work assigned in codes building and drawing were completely new to me. Although the work was challenging, I managed to pick the skills up through the hands-on practice and research.

The issues of concern is that school of architecture do not adequately preparing graduates to operate for the practical realities of working practice. School of architecture, appears to be preparing students for models of practice that are no longer in full accord with the current professional context (Nicol.D & Pilling.S, 2000, p.6). But what is it about design education that is not supportive of the needs of professional practice (Nicol.D & Pilling.S, 2000, p.6) ?

Therefore, this essay contains of my personal reflections on criticisms of the current architecture education system and the change I would like to see based on my observations to help
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