Training Alison : Design At Swinburne University Of Technology

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Alison Page Ray Parslow
Education University of Technology, Sydney Swinburne University, Melbourne
Training Alison studied interior design at the University of Technology in Sydney. Here she learned the skills needed to design interiors for offices, cafes, and public buildings. After graduating from university, Alison was looking for a way to use her skills and qualifications in a more meaningful way. She also trained in exhibition and furniture design. Ray studied Graphic design at Swinburne University, Melbourne. He learned skills such as teamwork, computer skills and using his brain in the right way.
His training as a designer didn 't deal with concrete or glass. Putting graphic information on a built form.

Career Paths 1997: completed a Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) from the University of Technology in Sydney
1998-1999: worked for the NSW Government Architect 's Office - Merrima Aboriginal Design Unit, Sydney
1999-present: Own practice for Merrima Design and Designers in Collaboration. 1978-1981: Freelance designer
1981-1984: Completed Bachelor of Arts , majoring in Graphic Design at Swinburne University of Technology
1983: 1 year graphic design internship at Emery Vincent Design, Melbourne
1985-present: Graphic designer, Emery Vincent, Sydney
Successful Designs
Aboriginal Medical Service, Redfern.
Federal government funding was made available the following year and since then, AMS Redfern has grown into a multidisciplinary health service, consisting of a…

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