Comparison Of Bed Bath And Beyond

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Bed Bath & Beyond is a retailer that specializes in household items and home decor. They sell products including bed linens, bath products, household furnishings, and much more (MarketLine, 2017a). According to Hoover’s Online, Bed Bath & Beyond operates primarily in the retail sector, with a focus on home furniture and houseware stores (Anderson). Bed Bath & Beyond also offers products that fall within other branches of the retail sector, such as cosmetics, consumer electronics and appliances, and non-store retail (Anderson). As a part of the retail industry, Bed Bath & Beyond has many competitors. As stated previously, Bed Bath & Beyond is a part of multiple branches of retail. In their primary branch of operation- home furniture and houseware- Bed Bath & Beyond is ranked second, with Ikea being their main competitor (Hoovers, 2017c). In cosmetics, beauty supplies and perfume, Bed Bath & beyond is competing with Ulta Beauty and Bath & Body Works (Hoovers, 2017b). In consumer electronics and appliances, Bed Bath & Beyond is competing with Best Buy, Microsoft, and Yamada Denki (Hoovers, 2017a). In non-store retail, Bed Bath & Beyond’s largest competitor is Amazon (Hoovers, 2017d). Due to their wide variety of products, Bed Bath & Beyond markets to many different demographics. Their targeted market includes home owners and college students (Bed and Bath Linens, 2013). For homeowners, the products that Bed Bath & Beyond provides includes furniture, linens, and household decor.

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