Before The Flood

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Before the Flood Film Analysis Fisher Stevens exposes the catastrophic effects of climate change and the imperative need to take action to halt its rapid progression through the 2016 documentary Before the Flood. In the film, the narrator, Leonardo DiCaprio, travels around the world to unveil the devastating global impact of rising temperatures, interviewing experts, advocates, and notable figures along the way. DiCaprio demonstrates the significance of climate change on a global scale through the varying perspectives and individual impact in both developed and developing countries. Included in these views are the culprits of the problem, such as leading oil corporations, that deny the existence of climate change to protect the integrity …show more content…

During this interview, Obama expresses great concern with the global issue and argues that the science behind it is “indisputable.” Obama explains that even if the sentimental loss created by the destruction of our earth isn’t enough for people to acknowledge importance of this issue, they must express concern with the national security implications and the survival of our current world order threatened by climate change. Throughout the interview, Obama emphasizes our need to take action now. Because the president of the United States is a highly respected and influential figure, this scene establishes substantial credibility or ethos in the film. Not only is Barrack Obama highly regarded because of his presidential position, but he has recently expressed concern in the issue of climate change with his involvement in the Paris Agreement, a plan designed to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and deter global warming. The audience is likely to trust the opinion of someone who proves he is well-informed and involved in the issue. Barrack Obama’s appearance and support in the film serves Stevens purpose because it encourages the audience to more willingly trust the information in the documentary and acknowledge the significance of climate change. It is extremely difficult to disregard the issue of climate change when the president of the United States is arguing that its existence is “indisputable” and demands that citizens take action

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