Before The French Revolution

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Michael Sonenscher’s book Before the Deluge provided me with a good overview of the issues that France had in the lead up to the revolution, thus it was a good starting point for my research as it gave me a broad background into the history of France. However, the discussion of economic distress was not argued extensively as I found the book to be aimed at the financial issue of France rather than the economic issues so it was not directly aimed at my question. As a result I made limited use of it, but found it useful in terms of understanding the core fiscal problems that France had acquired. In order to understand in more depth about the economic problems in France I turned to Georges Lefebvre book The French Revolution. This was a vital source upon my research as Lefebvre is a French historian thus the judgement that he displayed differentiated from English historians such as Simon Schama, therefore it gave me a different insight into the economic problems in France. Despite not being very modern compared to the other sources that I used alongside this book, I found this to be an invaluable source in…show more content…
It helped me understand the core issues the economy was facing. I also found the merging of different viewpoints pivotal to my research as the combination of feudal issues with the economy provided me with a relevant historical debate. Whilst this book did not entirely focus on the economy, the relevant passages proved vital as it provided a historical debate whilst also exploring different viewpoints to the extent which economic distress was a major factor in the French revolution. I found particularly useful the analysis between the relationship of the finance ministers and economic distress and the extent to which it hindered France economically thus forming a coherent argument which I incorporated into my
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