Behavioral Recognition System

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There are two biological systems in the brain that help mold personality. One of those is the behavioral activation system (BAS) and that elicits a response to incentives. The other biological system is the behavioral inhibition system (BIS), this system aims to stop a behavior by eliciting negative cues. Although both systems are representative of Rick it seems as though the BAS represents him better and far more often because of its reactivity. This system represents Rick the best because he is very impulsive and this is explained by his neuroticism and extraversion. A primary component of the BAS is being sensitive to reward. This has been proven to be the case many times because nearly all the adventures he partakes in are taken so he will …show more content…

However this does not seem to be one of the main bases of personality that is adaptive for human beings. It seems like the more appropriate trait is the need to belong. This is potentially a deep underlying trait that Rick experiences even though he is hostile and agitated with those around him. I think this to be the case because on numerous cases Rick has saved Morty’s life even though he put him in peril to begin with. He does this because, though he never shows it, he deeply cares about him and wants to show to Beth that he does care for family and tries to keep the dysfunctional family at peace while making a bond. Rick may also consistently save Morty’s life because I think that as long as he realizes that Morty is around that he can help keep Rick alive. In the series he does not verbally express his need to belong, it is more often displayed through his actions. For instance, after his ex-lover tells him that he needs to move on he tries to kill himself. This is likely because he wanted to have someone that loves him and wants to be a part of something more real since he wasn't necessarily able to be part of his immediate family. These all make this trait evolutionarily adaptive because I think everyone has the feeling and need to want to belong and be a part of something

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