Behind The Beautiful Forevers By Katherine Boo Essay

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In the Novel Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo, India has entered new age of globalization that is causing growth the Indian people have never experienced before. The booming economy creates immense prosperity for a select group of Indians citizens, but still lacks opportunity for most of the poor population. With this globalization comes change to the community surrounding the people of Annawadi. The upper class citizens of India continue gaining wealth and the poor are trapped right where they have always been as stated, “There were too many people in Mumbai for them all to have jobs” (Boo pg. 13). In the novel, Kristin Boo reveals the not so pretty side of globalization by displaying the lives of the extremely poor that live next door to some of the wealthiest sections of Mumbai. A man named Abdul from this area of Mumbai is one of the leading figures of his slum. He has a sharp work ethic and runs his families recycling operation. Abduls family was one of the most well of in the slum of Annawadi at this time of prosperity. As time progresses, he gets caught up with troubles in his village and gets falsely accused of murder by a jealous neighbor. The corruption as a result of this accusation brings Abdul and his family’s lives to a major halt, leaving him with nearly nothing after all the rubble is cleared. Abduls life takes an unexpected turn due to globalization when he rises to the top, gets caught up in corruption, and has to look for new

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