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You just killed your own father with a kitchen knife, you don’t even know you did it but there he is dead right in front of you. Now imagine that the whole world views you as a deranged killer. By doing this act that you can’t even remember the whole world is put against you and leaves you in a mental ward to be with your thoughts alone. To just sit there and think about that heinous crime. Is there something that you could have done to fix this? Is there something that someone else could have fixed this, this thing that’s wrong with your head that you can’t even explain? All the doctors in the mental ward are calling it schizophrenia. A mental disorder that sneaks up on you and seizes you by the throat. This was an explanation of what …show more content…

He did stereotypical normal kid things such as occasional drinking and weed. Then all of a sudden his mood changes and he begins loosing friends, he quit his band, then he became withdrawn and depressed, and slept all day. He quit smoking weed or cigarettes and drinking. His mom tried to help him out but the doctor said he had schizophrenic symptoms and gave him anti-depressants to help him. This didn’t help, he began stealing his mother’s Adderall pills. He couldn’t hold a single job. So his mother kicked her schizophrenic son to the curb to deal with the problems. So he then moved in with his dad. As you can tell by how this story ended it didn’t help him at all. He only became worse and worse and it lead to him having violent outbursts, breaking furniture. Then eventual he had an outburst and killed his own father by stabbing him 50 times. It is hard not to feel bad for this kid. McClelland also states that Houston isn’t the only person in his family that had to deal with schizophrenia. Apparently he wasn’t the only one with mental health in the family. How could he have been helped? McClelland then goes on to state all the ways that the options that he could have received are flawed and showed be revised. He starts with how the police can help but even with their help things can get violent. Police can come to a situation where a person is having a manic attack. They then are able to retrain the insane person for a maximum of 72 hours in a nearby

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