Being A Freshman At Lincoln University Has Been An Interesting

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Being a freshman at Lincoln University has been an interesting experience. Prior to attending Lincoln, I never envisioned myself at the university, but, I was determined to make the most of my experience here. Unfortunately, towards the end of my first semester at Lincoln, I began to feel isolated; I felt like no one understood me, my goals, or how I felt. In order to make friends, I would have to put on some sort of facade to fit in, which was something I was not willing to do. In college, constantly surrounded by people, yet I have never felt so alone in my life. Although, not depressed, I always felt deeply saddened and empty. I wanted to go to a bigger university where people were more like minded like me, a university that I would be…show more content…
For Frost, this “night” is his depression. To this is the only way he can cope with life. The title sets the tone for the poem, knowing it will be dark and somewhat eerie. The term “Acquainted with the Night,” is repeated at the three most important times in a poem; it is stated in the title, the first line of the poem, and the last sentence of the poem; each time revealing a much deeper meaning of the phrase and the poem. Continuing, line 1 establishes the setting of the poem, which is in the city at night. In line 1, Frost also repeats the title of the poem and uses the technique of personification. “I have been one acquainted with the night” (Line 1). This is personification because one can not be “acquainted” with the night . “I walked out in rain—and back in rain (Line 2). The rain could be a metaphor for Frost’s depression. The expression a dark cloud, metaphor for sadness, following someone around, in this case it is the rain; Frost cannot seem to shake this constant negative feeling. Line 3 of the poem reads, “I have outwalked the furthest city light.” Astonishingly, this was the most ironic line and that is because a “city” is usually highly populated, but throughout the poem Frost expresses this emotion of feeling lonely. Frost purposely tremendously isolated himself from the mass. Frost “outwalked” the furthest city “light,” light representing hope, hope that someone will help drag him out

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