Being A Sexual Being Within The 21st Century

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• Being a sexual being in the 21st century means that history has taken the guess work out. Sex is advertised in every source of media and now teens learn a bit about safe sex in high school. Unfortunately there are still cultures and some American families that do not talk about sex or ones preference, but there are programs and counselors for people to confide in. • My relationship with my family has had its rough point. There was no discussion of sexual behavior or drugs for that matter growing up, but it was around. I have an older sister that is eight years older than I am and was sexually active at a young age (15 yrs) and was into drugs. Both my parents worked and my mother was a functioning alcoholic. So, I tried to stay out of the house most of the time in my pre-teen and teenage years. You can say that the relationship diminished in my adolescent years but has rekindled and now is stronger. My mother is sober and my parents have a relationship that anyone would love to have, including myself. • Relationships with friends have always been strong, my little sister I feel falls into this category because she is my rock and knows everything about me. My friends that I have had are remarkable; Liz has battled a rare bone marrow cancer and helped me go through a hard experience. Lovers well oddly some of them are great friends. We have shared great experiences and some pretty low ones as well. I was young and very naive when I became sexual active and as I grew so did
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