Being Class Consciousness is not a Simple Task

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Being class conscious is not simply an ability to identify which class one belongs to. To genuinely be deemed as an individual who is class conscious, that individual must have the capacity to acknowledge and distinguish through the functions of three things: the relationship between classes, the structure of our society/system, and the function of power in corporations/agencies. In addition to understanding and recognizing these three things, one must also understand the possible political actions that can bring about social changes. Many people may assert that only the lower or middle class individuals are class conscious because they are the ones who crave for social changes more than the upper class individuals. However, Howard Zinn, from his passage, “Growing Up Class-Conscious”, has repudiated that emphasis. Instead, he acknowledges: It would be foolish for me to claim that class-consciousness was simply the result of growing poor and living the life of a poor kid and then a life of a hard-pressed young husband and father. I’ve met many people with similar backgrounds who developed a very different set of ideas about society, and many others, whose early lives were much different from mine but whose world-view is similar. (161)
The essence of Zinn’s argument is that everyone, regardless of the classes that they are classified in, can or cannot be class conscious. The human population is immense and despite coming from a specific class, each one of them

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