Identity Autobiography on Class

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Identity Autobiography

I come from two very different cultures Russian and American. Moving to the United States at age fourteen, I could recognize the differences in classes and gender in both of the cultures. But there is one fact, you can’t tell class difference by appearance.
In reality class always matters and it shapes our interests in life. We all come from different background and ethnicity. I believe that class is shaped mainly by income and occupation. However, many people think if a person is wealthy, therefore, he belongs in the upper class. But there are other factors that define class and it is more than just how much money you have. It can be the network of people that surrounds, traditions, and academic status that can also define class. Many of it has to do in which family you have been born and network that creates it. All of my family members have been born and raised in Russia; they completed universities, got jobs, and had enough income to support a family. “Each of us is born into a family with a particular class identity and class history—sometimes it is a mixed or hybrid identity—but almost always it is part of a network of other relationships—to other families in a community, to work and jobs, and to institutions” (Zandy 112).
In Russian standards it is possible for everyone to achieve a higher education without ending up with a lot of loans to the government because most of education is free. For that reason, many people in Russia have bachelor

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