Being Inspired By Calvin Reid

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Being inspired is an important part of being successful in life. For Kerry James Marshall being inspired by various people has helped him to find his own success in art. According to New art Publications “Kerry James Marshall” by Calvin Reid,1998 Kerry James Marshall states “And I used to watch this television program, John Nagy’s Learn to Draw which was highly influential on my development”. The words that Kerry states shows that he learned and was inspired to do great art because he learned from a great artist and wanted to do great work like the artist did (Marshall, James Kerry. Interview by Calvin Reid Winter. 1998). Although this inspired him, Kerry was inspired from other people too. In junior high school his teacher Mrs. Clark really helped him to become better, as the same interview with Calvin Reid finds Mr. Marshall says “And then there was Mrs. Clark, who was the head of the junior high school art department, she had competitions amongst the kids to see what would get into the showcases”. This really inspired Kerry because he was given a challenge but was shown by Mrs. Clark to do well and create good art to help him become successful early on in life. Kerry James Marshall also has time periods that influence him too. Often times in life people will find a specific time period that is fascinating to them. During the interview with The John Hopkins University Press “An Interview With Kerry James Marshall” by Charles H. Rowell in the winter of nineteen

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