Being The Only Child And The Youngest Grandchild Has Made Me The Spoiled Brat Ever Known

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Being the only child and the youngest grandchild has made me the spoiled brat ever known. My family has carried me on as the baby. I was the child with most birthday and Christmas presents and have always succeeded in what I wanted. November 18, 2009, the twins, Jazzlin and Jahnyah were born and two weeks later my life changed. The first time I saw the twins, they were small and extremely hard to tell apart. I was a little rough around the edges and was not allowed to hold them, but I made sure every day after school to ask someone to take me to see them again. One day after my mom had left work, her phone rings. My heart raced as I tried to listen and figured out what is going on. I remember thinking, “ why does she keep saying she can not handle a baby especially two?” Finally, after my mom the phone call she explained that she has to take custody of the twins or people will take them away. At only ten years old, I sat with excitement and said, “So now I basically have twins sisters?” “Finally someone to play with!” As we made our way to the door I realized the twin’s mother is crying and thanking my mom. I did not know that it was such a sad thing. A woman came up to my mom with some papers and asked her questions. Me, not really know what was going, kept interrupting my mom the woman by asking questions like, “ Why is she asking you questions?” “Can we just get them and leave?” “I 'm hungry, what are we going to eat?” My mom shooed me away, signed the papers
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