Belle Boyd ( 1843-1900 )

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Nicole Sanders 3rd hour Belle Boyd (1843-1900) Belle Boyd was born in 1844 as the oldest of eight kids. She went to collage when she was twelve and graduated when she was sixteen. Boyd became a spy for the Confederacy before she was eighteen. When she was a spy she was a messenger and a medical transporter in the south. During many of the wars involving Confederate soldiers Boyd nursed the wounded back to health. Betrayed by one of her first loves, she was arrested twice and after finally being released she went to England to regain her health. While in England she pursued her acting career and started her novel Belle Boyd In Camp and Prison. When she returned to the U.S she shortly toured as an actress until she retired in 1869 and married John Swanston Hammond. Soon after, Boyd suffered a mental collapse and had her first soon in a Stockton insane asylum. She was discharged in 1870 and had three more children before settling in Dallas where her marriage was dissolved in in 1884. She then married her third husband and her full name became Belle Boyd-Harding-Hammond-High. She died of a heart attack in Kilbourn, (Which is currently known as the Dells) Wisconsin in the year 1900 at the age of 57. (Answer to question 1). Belle Boyd was the first of eight kids, naturally taking the leadership role in her family. Her family also supported the Confederate cause while the majority of her community was Union supporters. I think this influenced her personality, like how proud

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