Ben Haggerty : An Mc And White Privilege II Essay

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Ben Haggerty otherwise known as the artist Macklemore is a rapper who has been working as an MC or Microphone Controller since the early 2000 's and has often collaborated with Ryan Lewis on his songs such as "Thrift Shop", "Can 't Hold Us", and "White Privilege II". He has done songs that target a wide variety of subjects and issues ranging from non-conforming to traditional gender roles to White Privilege and the Black Lives Matter movement. Like some other artists, his work demonstrates how he views the world around him using past experiences, interests, and feelings towards events like the protest that had occurred nearby his home on the night of Officer Darren Wilson 's non-indictment trial which he joined. The 33 year old music artist from Seattle has themed quite a portion of his work behind some liberal and nonconformist ideologies that involve experiences in his life like Thrift shopping which he has always loved. However, while Macklemore supported the Black Lives Matter movement, he questioned whether "You speak about equality, but do you really mean it?/Are you marching for freedom, or when it 's convenient? (Woods, Jamila. White Privilege II. Macklemore. Ryan Lewis, 2016. Google Play Music. Web. 19 Nov. 2016.)" He wonders if he 's actually making an impact on improving the lives for blacks or if he 's just doing this to feel good about being white and a successful artist. One may be skeptical on why Macklemore supports the movement, but considering not all

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