White Privilege : Black Privilege Essay

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White Privilege The ability to walk outside with all worries to the wind, feeling protected by the law, and working hard to get the positions one wants in the workplace, is all attributed to the concept of white privilege. In addition to this, white privilege means one never has to immediately fear being stopped by local authorities. As a Caucasian in any part of the world, thoughts such as, “Please don’t beat me. Please don 't shoot me as I move slowly for my wallet”, never enter one’s mind. White privilege is a new term that has been classified by academia, but has been experienced for millennia. The course of history is told through the eyes of European Caucasian white males, whilst capturing, infecting or enslaving many ethnicities. Laws in the United States were at some point designed to limit the number of people that were granted freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Even though they have been abolished, in current society, major companies and workplaces have found loopholes to still discriminate as much as possible. To be a white male in this society can be compared to winning the “genetic lottery”, because they have little obstacles in the real world. White privilege is defined, according to Emba, as the “the social advantage that comes from being seen as the norm in the United States, automatically conferred irrespective of wealth, gender or other factors.” Because it is an inherited membership, most of the people in this group do not understand the

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