Beneficial Reflections of the Past

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When people say that we should know our past, some people wonder why. How could looking into the past be beneficial? In some cases, knowing one’s own past can keep people away from big mistakes because someone in their family has gone through something similar. In other cases, it can give people a brighter and clearer look at how wonderful their lives are. Or maybe, it can just make them more comfortable around their own family. A knowledge of one’s family history is important because it can make one comfortable around their family, make one appreciate what they have, and can prevent one from making the same mistakes.
Appreciation, of what one has, can be a reward from knowing one’s own family history. For example, my grandfather has spent most “of his life in an orphanage” (Aceves 1). I take for granted the time I spend with my family, never knowing that some people never had the chance to. Also, people never realize what they have until they see someone who never had it in the first place. Furthermore, as my grandfather was struggling, “my mother dropped out of school” (Aceves 2) so she could get a job and help my grandfather. Going to school is a drag, but it’s a privilege to be able to go. My mom does whatever she can to support my education since she wasn’t able to get it. Finally, to support the family, and our needs, my father “work[s] two jobs going from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.” (R. Aceves). I have all these material items but never cared about how much my parents worked

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