Benefit Of Space Exploration

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Space Exploration has been a dream for mankind for many lifetimes, but now in our lifetime, for many people, it has become more than just a dream, but rather, a reality; there is no doubt that space exploration has now shown to be beneficial to human kind thanks to the advanced technology, abundance of untapped resources, and nearly unlimited scientific knowledge available to us today and forever growing at an exponential rate.

To help humanity in both direct and indirect ways, technology has been one of our biggest accomplishments of humanity; only 115 years ago the first successful flight occurred, and currently people can fly nearly anywhere on the planet, and with the right equipment we can fly to the moon and beyond; whether it is our military, medical supplies, or even in our own homes. In 2017, the astronaut class was comprised of: doctors, scientists, engineers, pilots, and military officers from across the country; due to their continuance of their association with NASA, the Military will now be introducing a new branch into the military known as, Space Corps, by January 2019; This new military branch focus will be to oversee military space operations. With the Military Space Systems, communication satellites, Meteorological satellites, Navigation Satellites provide accurate positioning (within a few meters) for troops, planes, and ships. Many system devices invented for space exploration have shown to be increasingly used in the military, which makes sense why they will be partnering and creating their new Space Corps Branch. Space exploration has also encouraged our scientists to advance in the health industry, which the testing our scientists have done at ISS we have discovered that our: hormones, enzymes, proteins, express genes, etc.. All their performances in space compared to that of normal behaviors on Earth. These experimentations allow scientists awareness on how our bodies function both normally, and during times of disease. With the use of machines developed for NASA that we now use in the medical field for body images, chromosome analysis, baby on board, brittle bones, and the "cool suit" which was industrialized for the Apollo Missions, and is now used for helping patients with

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