Benefits And Benefits Of Recycling

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Benefits of Recycling
Today, government agencies, environmentalists, and other environmental stakeholders are concerned with sustainable development. There is increasing pressure on the environment due to high demand for natural resources. According to Sorvari, high population growth and increasing economic activities have led to exploitation of resources at a rate that cannot be sustained by the environment (492). Some of the effects of unsustainable economic activities include environmental pollution, destruction of biodiversity, food shortages, climate change, desertification, and high poverty levels. As natural resource exploitation continues, there is a possibility that the environment may become completely depleted and unable to sustain life. As a result, environmental stakeholders are searching for solutions to promote sustainable economic development. These solutions must be implemented in all economic sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture, mining, and service sectors.
Recycling is one of the important solutions to environmental problems because of its well-known environmental benefits. According to Sidique, Lupi, and Joshi, many environmental stakeholders, including government entities, institutions, and businesses, agree on the environmental and economic benefits of recycling (164). Today, various economic sectors produce enormous quantities of wastes that are often harmful to the environment. Some of the materials can be collected and processed into new

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