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Recycling If recycling is the future, then we must focus our efforts on reducing negative impacts to our community while protecting our environment. Although recycling may seem like a modern concept introduced with the environmental movement of the 1970s, it's actually been around for thousands of years. Prior to the industrial age, society couldn't make goods quickly and cheaply, so practically everyone practiced recycling in some form. When products can be produced and purchased cheaply, it often makes more economic sense to simply throw away old items and purchase brand new ones. However, this culture of disposable goods created a number of environmental problems. Through correct methods of recycling, people all over the world could…show more content…
“Gases in the atmosphere, especially water vapor, shield the Earth, preventing the sun’s heat from escaping.” (Johnson, 2017). By recycling the United States could eliminate the need to build more landfills and instead of looking for more places to put them, look for ways to get rid of them. This will also lower the amounts of water pollution and air pollution because landfills are one one of the top 5 causes of pollution along with factories that are creating the brand new products. Recycling is the process of converting waste into new materials, when the world recycles, the need goes down for brand new materials to be produced from factories, and the world becomes cleaner and more available for humans and wildlife. Right at this very minute there are at least 5.25 trillion plastic particles; weighing nearly 270,000 tons, floating in the oceans right now. The World Economic Forum issued a study that said, “By 2050, there will be so much plastic floating in the ocean it will outweigh all fish life, unless we start to do something about it.” Picking up trash not only protects the environment and keeps our surroundings beautiful, but it can also save wildlife. Plastic bags and twine can easily trap birds and other smaller animals, hurting or even killing them. National Parks and Forestries, are some of the United States biggest tourist attractions. More than 100 million

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