Benefits Of Black Rhino

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The black rhino also plays an important part in a country’s economy as they make up a large source of income in countries like South Africa and Namibia, where ecotourism is extremely popular. They are therefore contributing to the economic growth as well as the sustainability of these countries as it produces job opportunities for the locals.

Black rhinoceroses are often seen with oxpeckers. This is an example of mutualism as both parties benefit from the other. The colourful little bird eats all the insects and parasites on the rhino and thus has a supply of food. It is also protected from predators whilst on top of the rhino. In return, the rhino benefits as it no longer has bugs. The oxpecker also flies high and alerts the rhino of impending …show more content…

Having lived in South Africa for so many years, we were made aware of the seriousness of the poaching happening. The brutal and inhumane way these innocent animals are tortured and killed for their horns is unacceptable and cruel. I have been fortunate enough to have gone on several safaris where I have been able to see these beautiful creatures flourish in their natural habitat. As one of the oldest mammals on Earth, dating back 50 million years, it is important to protect this creature from poachers to prevent their extinction. The rhinoceros is an important mammal who plays a vital role in the ecosystem, as they maintain local vegetation around them as well as having other animals rely on them. These fossil-like creatures who have braved ice ages and fought off pre-historic predators can simply not become extinct because of humans’ wrong doing. The black rhino cannot protect itself from poachers as they are helpless when it comes to the tranquilisers used. It is our duty to put a stop to the illegal trade of rhinoceros’ horns. I believe it is vital that we respect planet Earth and coexist with each and every different species as they all play a part in the

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