Benefits Of Four Day School Schedule

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School Schedules Should schools have only four days a week, rather than five? Many schools have been turning to the four day schedule, and although it may seem abnormal it brings many benefits into the school system. For instance, many schools pay for busing and lunches for five days, however the four day school system allows for them to save a great amount of money. Almost all students feel very overloaded with homework, sports, and a personal job on the side, with the three day weekend many kids will feel much less of a weight on their shoulder. Allowing this four day school system will allow for even more benefits such as, higher attendance rate, and higher academic scores. With many schools considering switching to the four day schedule, one major characteristic of switching is saving the school system a considerable amount of money. According to various statistics, schools can save up to 20% in assorted funds (Bradley). Money spent on staff, lunches, transportation, and utilities can all be saved by changing to this upcoming school schedule. Schools are already struggling to buy everything that meets the demands of the local community and education standards, having this extra money in the school system could very well prove to be beneficial for the students in the long run. Students have always felt very overloaded when it comes to all the expectations they are to live up to, having this extra day off can provide many sources of usefulness to students.

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