Four Day School Week

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A four day school week means another extra day off from school! But it isn’t the fact of getting the an extra day off. A four day week week can benefit students in a variety of ways. Four day school weeks have been discussed by many schools, and some schools already have them. Many say that the four day school week is good for students. It is also good for teachers and the whole school. There are improvements in the school financially. Financial problems is was most of a four day school week is about. Financial problems have arose in many schools. Many schools believe that “One day less means one day less of heating the school, fueling buses, feeding students and paying certain staff members” (Anderson). Little things like that can save schools a lot more money. More money means more equipment for learning and new schools objects. “An informational poll on indicates that 67% of over 2700 polled favor this as a solution to school districts financial hardship” (Hadfield). A lot of people want the four day week to be a “thing” so that financial problems can no longer be a problem. Teachers and schools would say “Their budgets has been stretched tighter than a drum and has finally reached a breaking point that cannot be ignored” (Occupy Theory). A sign that teacher and student are getting a bit tired of the stress being put on them because of financial problem. There are more benefits along with the resolution of financial problems and it is academics.

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