Benefits Of Going To College And Getting A Bachelor Degree

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All high schoolers face the same daunting problem. What they are going to do with their lives. A choice made as an 18 year old, determines future paths for the rest of their lives. Recently the subject of going to college and getting a four year degree has become very controversial. HIgh school students are choosing other alternatives, such as trade school, community college, or even not getting any further education at all. However even with many other options, going to college and getting a bachelor's degree is valuable for everyone. Going to college and getting a four year degree earns individuals more money. Those people make 98% more an hour than those without degrees. (Leonhardt 1) Over the course of a lifetime, a person with a bachelor's degree will make 1.1 million dollars opposed to average of 393,000 over a lifetime of someone without a bachelor's degree. (Hamm 4) The more money one makes, the more opportunities one is offered. Traveling the world, materialistic items, living location, providing for family, are all examples of opportunities requiring: money. College let’s one attain these opportunities by giving degrees that will earn people higher paying jobs. A very big issue that people have with attending a four year college is the cost of college tuition. College is very expensive. Even after paying a large sum of money, the average amount of student loans is 30,000 dollars. (Bonder 1) The cost to get a bachelor's degree is 127,000 dollars. (Hamm 1) Even if

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