Benefits Of Home Care At Home

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Caseworkers are involved with finding, coordinating, and implementing the needed services for Ella, if she goes home. The costs will be calculated as well. One disadvantage of home care is that her family may not be prepared to take on the huge responsibility which is a high demand. Also, being at home Ella will have one on one attention, wherein being in the hospital, she can’t get that. A hospital is a licensed nursing facility wherein at home isn’t. Some patients are placed in hospitals because they require more medical attention than home care can accommodate. Last but not least, hospital facilities are equipped with emergency response systems but home care isn’t. My advice for Ella is that she needs to remain in the hospital since she …show more content…

Her husband is an American descent and believes in traditional methods as well as spiritual methods in their healing. Ella does not like modern medicine and most likely taught her children to believe the same. There probably a divide between family members. According to (Sen., 2015), “Lack of drug standardization, information, quality control, and strict monitoring are the primary lacunae in the promotion of traditional Indian herbal products”. John is in a position where he just wants
Ella Miller 7 what is best for Ella and would like for her last days to be as pleasant as possible. In the journal written by (Ruuska, 2014), “As for Indian medicine powers, there were plenty of spirit accounts on record, but no explanation for them”. He feels he probably cannot practice his traditional methods in the hospital. Grief occurs also with the surviving members of the family after Ella passes. Her family has been dealing with this disease for many years. They’ve been concerned, worried and taking care of her throughout her ordeal. They’ve been having issues about her types of medical care. They’re concerned about if she is getting the best treatment for her condition. If she has medical insurance, which I assume that she does, then what is covered and what isn’t. Worries about out of pocket costs

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