Benefits Of Same Sex Adoption

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What does someone’s sexuality have to do with adopting a child, when kids are part through the foster system, I don’t think they would be opposed if a gay family adopted them. It’s 2016, we should not judge someone based on who they love. “In depth studies of psychosocial development of children raised by lesbians or by same-sex couples has found that these children are normal and well adjusted” (Good, 2012, p161). After extensive research, can we just allow people to adopt children, just because someone is gay/lesbian, or whatever doesn’t mean they aren’t fit to parent a child. Children need love, attention and affection, adaption is about making sure that child has the right tools to have a successful life. When I read Mark Good’s point of …show more content…

The benefits of having gays/lesbians adopt children, is most importantly the child for the most part will have a secure place to say. I don’t know how the process works, but having one less child stuck in an adoption agency is …show more content…

Gay/Lesbian parents would be more opened minded, when it comes to accepting their child’s lifestyle choices. I feel if having same gendered parent is a disadvantage, it has nothing do with the parent’s gender, but it’s societies fault for being so judgmental. There aren’t any drawbacks to having gay/lesbian parents, if the child is safe and happy, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Per LGBT adaption, “more than 16,000 same sex couples are raising an estimated 22,000 adopted children in the United States” (LGBT Adoption, 2016). Hearing news like this does my heart justice, I hope that we could get every child adopted in the United States. I just found out there’s a tax credit for adopting, per LGBT Adoption “the tax credit is $13,460” (LGBT Adoption). The good news is if you make under 197,880, then you’d qualify for the full tax credit! There’s no excuse why we can’t change a child’s future. Now with all this information, I’ve gained from this course, I hope to one day adopt a

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