Benefits Of Specialized Medical Center

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Jack Smith, an executive representative for Specialized Medical Devices Inc., has many positive and influential factors that he can bring to the table for Academic Medical Centers, in regards to the advantages to purchasing a digital mammography with tomosynthesis versus purchasing standard screen-film mammography equipment (Cleverley, Song, & Cleverley, 2011). Academic Medical Center’s CEO, Robert Alexander, has vocalized some reasons as to why he feels that standard screen-film mammography equipment would be a better financial decision for this medical center. Robert Alexander shows concerns of a necessary increase in charges due to the expense of the new digital equipment, the required training time, and the fact that the equivalent …show more content…

Radiology will face many changes over the years and staff will always be required to learn, adjust, and grow with improvements and upgrades to technology in their field. It is part of the radiology staff’s job to become educated in their field and the changes that occur within their field. Jack Smith may benefit from tacking on an educational package, at discounted pricing or maybe even for free, that could be included with the purchase of the new digital equipment. Jack Smith may also want to include a year of technical support assistance from the date of purchase. It will be up to the leadership of the medical center to encourage the staff to take advantage of this opportunity and knowledge that will help the staff to provide their patients with the most current breast cancer screening that is offered. There are many costs that are associated with standard mammogram equipment such as film, developer solutions, fixer solutions, x-ray jackets/envelops, x-ray view boxes, dark room products, etc. including the time for an individual to process the film (Cleverley, Song, & Cleverley, 2011). All of those things should also be taken into consideration before settling for the standard mammogram option. A digital mammography will eliminate the need for all that is listed above. This is because digital means exactly that, digital and no

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