Benefits Of Vaccination

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A Vaccine Indicator Reminder device has been developed to monitor how much is left for the next vaccination. The wearable device is newborn babies that can be activated by pressing the VIR’s face with a finger. The device operates using predictable chemical processes, processes that rely on food dye, to keep the baby safe from adverse effects and failure of electronics.

Vaccination is very important for babies and children. Immunizing your children can protect them from various diseases. Some deadly and debilitating diseases have been eradicated by immunization. The elimination of the communicable and life-threatening disease called smallpox is an example of what vaccines can do.

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An estimated 2 to 3 million deaths were associated with diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and measles each year. These are all vaccine-preventable diseases and if the global vaccination program was improved earlier, about 1.5 million deaths could have been avoided.

The smart indicator device comes in three different colored bands to be put on the child, depending on the immunization schedule. Babies who received the birth dose of vaccines get the yellow band. When the babies who received the vaccines for the sixth gets the purple band. The aqua band will be given to babies who received the vaccines in the tenth week. The final shot will be given at the fourteenth week which protects babies from nine vaccine-preventable diseases.

“We are absolutely delighted to be helping bring about change in this vital area of work. Our history of innovation in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors, including the development of temperature monitoring products for blood products and vaccines, has meant we were able to support the creation of a simple but life-saving product that will help millions of children who suffer through incomplete vaccination regimes,” said Reuben Isbitsky, the CEO of Timestrip, the technology that designed the time and temperature indicators of VIR.

Below are the diseases that can be prevented through immunization:

1. Hemophilus influenza type b is an infection that can cause pneumonia and meningitis, the

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