Benefits of Medical Marijuana Essay

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There are so many diseases that can and can’t be curable. However, there are medications that can help ease the pain from different conditions. There is one medication that can be prescribed for pain is medical marijuana. Even though it’s illegal in some states, but marijuana has become the most profitable and healing vital substance. Medical marijuana, also refer to as medical cannabis, is a good herbal therapy according to health practitioners("Medical marijuana for pain and depression"). Medical marijuana has been around for centuries. Physicians back then used medical marijuana for illnesses and disorders("Medical marijuana for pain and depression"). This is used mostly for the GI System disorders (gastrointestinal …show more content…

Marijuana is so popular and used all over this society, marijuana has been restricted ("Medical marijuana for pain and depression"). There are 20 states including Washington D.C. that has made medical marijuana legal. Eighteen states required proof of residency to be prescribed for medical marijuana. A patient can get so much medical marijuana as long they have a medical card. In order to receive a medical card, you have to a condition that requires having this therapeutic substance. Amsterdam is a place you can go to get marijuana without getting prescribed. Amsterdam has coffee shops that a person can purchase marijuana and also have variety of marijuana. Marijuana does have side effects. Your body and mind be relaxed to the point that you can be in your own world. It can cause a person to be paranoid and temporary loss of memory. Marijuana can also have hyperphagia, which is excessive hunger. Medical marijuana can make a person lazy. Medical marijuana can help people with insomnia because it can help a person sleep. Marijuana can make a person be alert and in some people, marijuana can help a person function and think things clearer like dealing with psychological problems depending on the person. Medical marijuana is not only for relief of pain but people all over the world can get it without getting prescribed. Consumers can get it from people off the streets or people they know that sell it. These people are known as drug dealers.

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