Benefits of Stem Cell Research

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Benefits of Stem Cell research
The stem cell research has been controversial issue for several decades; People argue that stem cells are considered as one’s life. Stem cells for research are most often derived from the human embryo. However, Stem cell stage of embryo is not considered as human because it does not have any nerve system or any other organs. “Should Stem cell research continue?” to answer this question, Stem Cell Research should be continued because a new method of Collecting embryonic stem cells are developing so the embryos are respected and also, stem cell research benefits humanity by developing safer cell therapies and having infinite possibility. First of all, stem cell research is extremely beneficial to human. Stem cells have potential to develop into any kind of tissue in the human body. From growing organs to treat diabetes, many future medical advances are hoped to arise from stem cell. This helps people to substitute their infected organs. Also, most of the diseases are able to be cured by replacing several stem cell. For example, scientists and doctors could help burn victims. Burn victims tend to endure enormous amount of pain and gets stressed about their wounds. By stem cell therapy, bone marrow transplants can happen. This process allows stem cells to create different blood cell which grows the skin faster and heal better. In addition, Nervous system and brain system has the most complex structure in human body so the doctors are struggling

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