A Research Study On Stem Cell Research

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“I truly believe that stem cell research is going to allow our children to look at Alzheimer’s and diabetes and other major diseases the way we look at polio today, which is a preventable disease” (Solomon). Susan Solomon was the researcher that founded the New York Stem Cell Foundation and has been seen as the hero for stem cell scientists around the world. Over the past couple years, stem cell research has been at its highest; scientists all over the world are using these cells to try to find new ways to cure life threatening diseases. There has been experiments where scientists have used stem cells to treat patients that have been brain dead and they use the cells to be placed on the dead portion of the brain and it then starts making the dead portion become functional again. Also, some scientists and doctors have tried using stem cells as a source of transplant for major organs, like: lungs, liver, and even the heart. The main goal of stem cells is to repair parts of a body due to injury because they are pluripotent. Pluripotent means that they can change into any cell in the body, it could be like: blood cells, brain cells, lung cells, etc. They are believed to divide without limit, and without the body thinking about it and morph into these specialized cells naturally. The first sign of stem cells is when a mother becomes pregnant, during the first 4-5 days, the embryo divides into thousands of tiny cells. Once one of those cells is taken from this group, the whole
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