Benjamin Franklin Reputation

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Benjamin Franklin was a man of many different labels, some were desirable but some were detrimental. He was known for things such as the creator of the lightning rod, the Franklin Stove, and also the Bifocals. People saw him as an essential politician and a leading activist in the development of the Declaration of Independence, and U.S Constitution. But Franklin sorta had a history with women, he was known as being an icon to attract the ladies back in that time period. It all started at a young age, and only increased over time. Benjamin Franklin's relationships with women, his relationships with two different families, shaped him into the person he was and created his reputation. In today's society, social media is used by almost everyone, there's many different type of apps where others can communicate with one another. By saying that, that means your business is always out there for everyone to see. If this was in Benjamin Franklin’s case, everyone would see how he was a man of many relationships and affairs. Benjamin Franklin was married to his wife Deborah for over 40 years,

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