Benjamin Franklin Reputation

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The essay will cover Benjamin Franklins reputation in modern society, his relationship with Catherine Ray Greene, his two families, and the importance of cleaning up Franklin’s reputation for posterity. Benjamin Franklin had quite a few women in his life. He had his wife, daughter, and women he would pick up when traveling. He was intrigued by the stereotypes that were portrayed on the role of women in society. His women ranged in age, but he advised those to choose older because older women are grateful. He was a supporter of equal education, but his reputation of sleeping with multiple of them would be hard to clean up. Benjamin Franklin’s reputation would not fair well in the modern world of social media. There is no privacy. Although he had his theory of older women being more discreet about affairs, social media would make it harder for him to keep his affairs a secret, but make it easier for him to find more women. The role of women in society and women stereotypes is different today than it was back then. He was a supporter of equal education for men and women. Not long before his death, he submitted “The Left Hand.” The Left Hand was created to support education for young women and for them to grow up with other areas of education like reading, writing, and arithmetic, but still took the traditional classes like spinning, knitting, and embroidery. Although he was supportive of the education of women and treated each relation as something unique, he wasn’t loyal to
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