Essay Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography

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It was the year 1706 in Boston, MA when Benjamin Franklin entered the world. Birthed after fourteen other siblings, Franklin's family structure is only one deciding factor in the way that this legendary tale pans out. A hero of American Revolution, this novel depicts 18th century realism accurately while logging Franklin's personal conception on human nature and social community. Many look at Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography as your typical rags to riches tale yet, the truth and falsehood throughout the pages is unknown, raising many questions and concerns. As this book was written in segments over a stretched period of time, we must analyze this account of his life, the struggles and successes which took place, and the outcome of such …show more content…

As these thoughts were complied when our Nation was not yet formed, historically speaking, Franklin is responsible for guiding our framework into the dream-boosting society it still remains today. Furthermore, the idea of the American Dream is seen throughout the pages written by Franklin. He is one of the original theorists for a virtuousness life and what that entails, ultimately depicting how principles are the guiding force in one's life. For him, principles are more important than organized religion in terms of living one's life honorably and well, or of doing good. In his opinion, religion is important because we find his mentioning of God numerous times yet, to Franklin principles help you work on doing good things for the sake of it and not a higher being. In The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, the hardest virtue to work on is humility, that is because even if you manage to be humble, that's something to be proud of. Thrift and frugality are easier to manage, but just as important: practicing them gives you time to concentrate on the things that matter, like improving your mind or working for the common good. To hold these virtues one will be able to gain affluence and reputation which ultimately equates to gaining the American Dream. In his step-by-step guide to engaging the renowned life, Franklin suggests that your personal success adds to societal success, in turn placing cooperation of all

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