Bennett Reimer

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Throughout the reading this week, the information presented in David Elliott and Bennett Reimer’s texts stressed the importance of music and more specifically, music education. “People everywhere find music rewarding, and everywhere we find people engaged in formal and non-formal efforts to teach and learn music.” (Elliott, 2014, p. 4)
One of the major themes of Elliott’s writing and his Philosophy can be summed up as “multidimensional” (Elliott, 2009, p. 7) His goal in writing both of his books, Music Matters and Praxial Music Education is to develop a multilayered concept of music and musical understanding. By doing this, Elliott is achieving a diverse approach to musical values. The way that one can go about developing a multilayered concept of music varies greatly through each school and the musicianship and listenership of the …show more content…

Music should be understood, but not at the expense of the performer creating a “right result” and in turn taking away from the listeners enjoyment of the work being presented.
Another popular philosophy of music education discussed in this weeks reading, is that of Bennett Reimer, the teacher of David Elliott, known as the Aesthetic philosophy. This philosophy is “an experience-based philosophy of music education is one that focuses on and cherishes all the many ways music can be experienced and all the many music’s offering the special experience music provides.” (Reimer, 2005, p. 69)
Reimer’s viewpoint is that all our experiences musically, regardless of the music itself educate our being. Refining, clarifying, broadening, and deepening our feelings in a way analogous to how language does the same for our conceptual reasoning’s (Reimer, 2005). The aesthetic music education philosophy emphasizes individual feeling and a more comprehensive understanding of the role of feelings in the music listener and performer as

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