Beowulf And Sir Gawain Essay

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When one discusses heroes in their life, often their response would entail something about a leader in who changed their views and helped guide them through their own struggles. Enter Beowulf and Sir Gawain, two heroes from two separate works from two separate time periods, who find themselves in quite similar positions however with completely different motives and values. These two characters experience the ultimate journey becoming heroes in their own time day and culture, however having shared many of the same qualities, the two heroes are more different than not. Beowulf, our earliest hero, is brave but his motivation, self-pride, differs from Sir Gawain’s, honor code to his king, quite heavily. To fully understand these concepts, …show more content…

His honor serves as the catalyst for the events throughout the poem. Sir Gawain’s humbleness and honor lead him to respectfully request to participate in the Green Knight’s game. He proves his loyalty to the king by knowing that if King Arthur were to die as the head of the country the community would be devastated. This loyalty proves his honor as he willingly and knowingly sacrifices himself for the King’s and the community’s sake of safety. Sir Gawain even states his honor as support for his partaking in the Green Knight’s game, and when the time comes one year later he proves that his honor is everything to him by following through with his promise by heading out and seeking out the Green Knight. Throughout the poem, Sir Gawain’s honor is tested, but time and time again he proves that his code of honor is stronger than the temptations. Except for one time. Sir Gawain falters trying to protect his own life by holding on to the girdle. In spite of this, he redeems himself by admitting to the Green Knight about his actions. Furthermore, he learns from his mistake, something Beowulf never does. That is why Beowulf finds himself fighting against the Dragon in his older

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