Beowulf Character Analysis

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The story of Beowulf is a set over a long period of time and throughout it we can see how Beowulf changes from being young to when he grows old and passes. The development of Beowulf's character first begins when he encounters Grendel and then proceeds to develop throughout his life, and by this the reader can see how Beowulf goes from being a young, overweening fighter to a much older and wise warrior. Beowulf seeks fame through feats of strength, bravery in the face of danger, utter disdain for death, and by boasting about these feats as well. So, had Beowulf been who is was or if there were not any monsters; obstacles; the events that happened to and around Beowulf, he would not have developed in the way he did.
The achievement Beowulf made by defeating monsters with strength is the first part that a warrior like Beowulf seeks fame through and this one is shown by the fight between Beowulf and Grendel. When Beowulf first hears about Grendel, he immediately "...ordered a boat that would ply the waves. He announced his plan: to sail the swan's road and seek out the king who needed defenders." (Beowulf 46) Beowulf sails to help the Spear-Danes because he's a warrior and seeks to do great deeds, such as proving his strength, and win fame. The first thing Beowulf tells Hrothgar is "when I was younger, I had great triumphs," (Beowulf 50) and that all of the elders and councilmen supported his decision to fight Grendel "because they all knew of his awesome strength." (Beowulf

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