Beowulf Characteristics

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Windell Palmer
Professor Leverett
October 6, 2017
English 2110
Character Study (Beowulf)
Hero? What considers you a hero? To me it takes courage, patience, caring, and selflessness. Being consider a person with heroic characteristics is something not a lot of people in the world equip. Being consider a hero is a very high acclamation. Being a hero is something as kids we dream of.
In my paper I would be discussing Beowulf. When mentioning Beowulf, you can compare him to many hero's in our time. Such as Spiderman, Batman, wonder woman, flash, the hulk, and many more. To describe Beowulf is to mention somebody honorable. Beowulf isn't your ordinary human being. For he is a mighty man with unusual human being characteristics. In their time Beowulf is their hero. He makes heroic moves that make people view him as a very noble man. I choose Beowulf because he is such a honorable man that a lot of people in his time looks up to and values his morals.
Beowulf an honorable man that many should want to be like. In Beowulf he is introduced while leaving his ship. Beowulf has arrived in Danes. He travels from his motherland "Geatland". As he exits one of the coast guards referred to Beowulf as "a mightier man at arms on this earth" (Line 247, Pg. 46). Basically, saying he was very impressive looking man. Beowulf is a very strong human being. Beowulf has the strength of 30 men. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find it humanly possible to have that kind of strength. Anybody

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